We have a unique ability to merge vast creative energy and a passion to create with a pragmatic approach focused on goal. Our original solutions are always possible to assess, measurable and recognized in standards.

Creation and the effect. The joy of creation and purpose. Passion and procedures.

Heuresis exists on the Polish market since the year 2000. The company has been founded by internationally certified trainers in the learning and development of the adults. During this time we have developed copyrighted and pragmatic curricula consistent with the idea of learning throughout entire life.

We operate according to the certified system compliant with ISO 29990:2011 and MSUES standards.






Original author’s methodology 3W ensures high efficiency of the development activities carried out by us.
An integrated set of activities allows to acquire and develop new skills, as well as applying them immediately in the workplace.
In each range of the 3W use varied and modern tools with high developmental performance and efficiency.




Innovative verification tools that are adapted for checking the competence level (individual and corporate).

We research personal competencies through own and licensed online tools, complemented by observation, work samples, portfolio analysis, interviews, supervision, etc.

Psychometric tests – we use them to research predisposition in the area of leadership skills and resilience to stress.

Original copyrighted competence-tests we use to verify the professional competence of managers, negotiators, in customer service area – and more.

We adapt tools to verify the competence to the compatibility of requirements towards the company’s DNA.

We use special tools to study organizations. The tools allow us to analyse the most sensitive areas of your company, related with customers – employees – knowledge.




The competence-development programs were originally designed for people who have a need to develop and improve their qualifications. The scope and substantive content of the programs were based on standards of the American Certification Institute (ACI®) and International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI®).

Participation in the program results not only in gaining new and deepening of the existing competencies at the international level, but also allows their confirmation with the internationally recognized certificates ACI® and IPSCMI®.

Substantive ranges of the development-programs

We focus on stimulating and development of key competencies in terms of achieving results and business continuity of the organization’s management and activity.

Therefore we specialize in comprehensive development of managerial competence, leadership, negotiation competence and others – related to the wider-understood development of people in the organization.

Innovative and measurable programs ensure achieving of desired results and measuring the effectiveness by continuous monitoring of the triad of competence, namely: knowledge, skills and attitude.


The series of development-programs “Excellence in… “ includes:
– Excellence in Management ®
– Excellence in HR Management®
– Excellence in Negotiations®
– Excellence in Negotiations for HR®
– Excellent Business Trainer®
– Excellence in Mentoring®
– Excellence in Customer Service®
– Talent Development Programs (individually agreed with the Client)


For whom?

Competences-development programs.

Competence-development programs are aimed at the managers of general specialities, the managers of HR, quality managers, marketing managers and the supply chain management, as well as to specialists in specific fields, such as; business coach, purchasing negotiator or the business contracts negotiator.



Certification is a way of confirming and validating acquired professional qualifications. It is objective and reliable; based on the international standards. The certification checks if the participant meets the requirements specified for the given job. After receiving a positive test result, the participant receives an international certificate of qualification issued – depending on specialization – by American Certification Institute ACI® or by International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute IPSCMI®.

Certification exams

The exam, depending on the level of certification, can take various forms – from an 80-questions test to the conversation.


BENEFITS for the participants
– the possibility of holding an international document confirming qualifications,
– increasing the chances for horizontal or vertical promotion in international organizations and corporations,
– increase employment opportunities in the countries of America, Asia and Africa,
– membership among 20,000 holders of the Certificate of Competence ACI®.

BENEFITS for companies delegating workers
– facilitate the implementation of HRM processes – internal and external recruitment, career planning, preparation of the consequences of succession plans,
– facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives: building and confirming the competitive advantage,
– facilitate the achievement of the departments’ development goals as well as individual employees; the possibility of a legitimate applying for grants and the development-subsidies.



Our training-courses have been designed in such a way that their program and performance were as much as possible accurate in relation to the needs and expectations of our Clients. Our main goal is to increase the competence and effective development of individual levels of management and employees, which turn s into development of the entire organization.


Despite the fact that our offer is flexible, each training-course has some constant elements:
– innovative training methods,
– well-proven learning techniques,
– high level of the participants’ commitment,
– measurable effects.


We provide training-courses in the following areas:



SIMTEAM is a computerized business simulation, that models working of the company based on knowledge. It enables participants to understand the operational challenges of the company that performs projects. At the same time the complexity and the interrelationship among HR departments, departments of design, finance, sales – and consequences of managerial decisions.

SIMTEAM as a strategy computer game, supporting the development of competencies of managers in the following areas:

– Strategic management, strategy building.
– Project management.
– Human resource Management.
– Planning and budgeting.
– Cash flows.
– Building teams.
– Management of the company value.
– Managing intellectual capital.



The DEPTHeuresis® system is a response to the challenges of HR, namely:

– It allows you to easily manage diversity of competence and qualifications.
– It clears the communication with the introduction of natural language.
– It refers to a universal reference system that is the European and Polish Qualifications Framework.
– It allows you to manage competencies through HCQ and TCV indicators that directly relate to the competency-balance in the organization.
– Allows you to manage a variety of development tools, it brings to attention their range and appropriateness.
– It increases confidence through the introduction of clear language and transparent rules.
– Practically implements the principle MORE FROM LESS resulting in saving of resources: time, labour, financials, material property, capital, and revealing the depth of potential in each employee.
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