Strategic and HR councelling


 We have been providing HR consulting and strategic consulting since the beginning of the company’s existence. We have prepared and implemented hundreds of programs implementing various solutions that improve individual processes and functions. We use proven approaches and tools. We take responsibility for the business results of our consulting activities. We help achieve the best results at the optimal time.We provide strategic and HR consultingin several areas:

  • creating and implementing strategies
  • management by objectives, reconciliation and cascading of goals
  • modeling of organizational culture
  • audit of personnel processes
  • building personnel evaluation systems
  • building personnel management systems.

If your needs do not relate to solving a single challenge but you need a comprehensive long-term action, we can also offer you the full outsourcing and business partnership.

In our consulting work, we use IT tools that streamline and shorten the implementation of projects and projects. This allows not only to optimize the consulting process itself, but also leaves you with a dedicated, 21st-century-innovative tools and solutions.

Contact us and consult the details of your project us!