Certified trainings for managers

Development program Excellence in Management® – is desined for managers at various levels of management. All programs are developed in a blended – learning formula and therefore optimized in terms of time commitment. Participants before attending training  participate in the diagnosis of comeptences and needs. Each person may decide to enroll for the certification examination to crown the participation in each of the programswith the  international ACI manager certification.


It is addressed to managers at the positions of leaders, foremen, and shift masters. Issues included in the program raise the sense of competence of managers and  leaders managing small teams, responsible for effective performance of current tasks and operations. The program is particularly appreciated for its practicality and high usefulness. The program consists of three thematic modules, covering key issues in day-to-day management and improvement of tasks.

Leader  – values ​​and behaviors – covers issues related to effective leadership, key values ​​of the manager, styles of management and building trust and authority.

Problem solving and decision making – includes for example topics such as styles and types of thinking, processes and tools to work with the problem, group problem solving,  techniques for decision errors.

Improvement of internal organization and optimization of processes – in this module we practice, among others, topics related to the improvement of productivity with the use of Japanese Kaizen and 6S techniques, the issue of the value chain in the company, wastage elimination tools and innovative processes in organizations.


It is addressed to people with management experience and middle managers. The content of the program is also highly valued by the owners of small and medium-sized companies. The program includes 4 thematic modules, the contents of which are tailored to the needs of people implementing tactical and strategic goals in the company.

Management of key company capitals – includes, among others, issues related to the development of knowledge capital in the company, management and development of clients’ capital, as well as management of relationship and trust capital, social capital as well as financial capital and the company’s value as resultant of management efficiency.

Strategic management – includes, for example, formulating strategic goals with respect to the home market as well as the global market, methods and tools for strategic analysis on company strategy services and global requirements and trends with respect to company strategy, planning the change process in the company and conflict management.

Manager as a catalyst for change – in this module we propose, among others topics related to change management, overcoming resistance in change and leadership in a process of changes.

Personnel and competence management – its scope includes: analysis of competency resources, verification and assessment of competences, planning and development of competences, and managerial skills development tools.

What are the benefits of participating in Excellence in Management © programs

  • fast and effective development of people management skills, processes and systems
  • the most current knowledge of management and leadership
  • the possibility of international certification
  • engaging, full of  emotions and inspiration experience that you will remember for a long time
  • great acqaintances and friends
  • certificate with the skills described in details
  • interesting materials that you’ll be coming back instantly

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