Certified trainings for HR

Excellence in HR Management® Development  Programs Series – designed for HR specialists, HR Business Partners and people managing HR departments and processes. All programs are developed in a blended – learning formula and therefore optimized in terms of time commitment. Participants before participating in the workshops undergo an in-depth study of competences and needs. Following the participation in the program, every person can enroll for the international certification exam on a given level and confirm the obtained qualifications with international certification issued by the American Certification Institute.


It is addressed to people employed in HR departments, who want to complete the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective implementation of professional tasks. Issues included in the program increase the sense of competence and improve the effectiveness of  HR specialists and Business Partners, responsible for the effective performance of current tasks and operations. The program is particularly appreciated for its practicality and high usefulness. The program consists of three thematic modules, covering key issues in the day-to-day staff management and improvement of task implementation.

Human resource management systems includes issues related to the design of recruitment processes by planning the stage of recruitment, selection and implementation, analyzing and describing job positions, planning and allocating human resources in the company, implementing efficiency improvement programs and creating and the application of international standards of human resources management.

Employee assessment systems includes such topics as diagnosing the competence potential in the company, defining the target level of competence and skills of employees, applying periodic assessment systems, selecting criteria, methods and assessment techniques, as well as gathering information necessary to make personnel decisions, providing feedback to assessed employees and implementing the results of periodic assessment to the motivating process.

Remuneration systems includes issues related to diagnosing financial remuneration components within the company, designing the remuneration grid, designing incentive benefits system in accordance with legal regulations and company’s cost policy, measuring work effectiveness to achieve organizational goals, designing appropriate performance indicators and formulating remuneration strategies in line with international standards.


It is addressed to people with experience in HR management and to HR department managers. The program contains 4 thematic modules, the content of which is tailored to the needs of people implementing tactical and strategic goals in the area of ​​HR. It provides skills and knowledge that significantly increase the value and importance of HR processes in the company. The program is appreciated in particular by people who have  specialized so far in “hard” HR who want to quickly supplement their competences in the area of ​​personnel development.

HR as a strategic management partner – it includes issues related to the formulation of strategic goals of the company in relation to HR on both, internal and global markets, methods and tools for strategic HR analysis, as well as global requirements and trends in relation to company strategy and planning of change, transformation and conflict management. processes.

Leadership and motivation includes, among others, topics such as the role of HR in management, the role of leadership in increasing the efficiency of the organization, decision-making models, building employee teams and cooperation management,  communication skills in relation to various forms of communication, techniques and tools to influence the level of employee motivation.

HR manager’s tools includes topics related to the designing and application of periodic assessment tools, building career paths, planning the development of individuals and the organziation, and planning recruitment and selection processes based on the job description, type of work and competence requirements.

Training and development in this module  we include, among others, issues related to building the talent management system in the organziation, building a competence grid and competence management, conducting the process of identification and analysis of training and development needs, and the use of consulting, coaching and mentoring in the development process of employees.

What are the benefits of participating in Excellence in HR Management © programs

  • fast and effective development of skills in managing HR processes and systems as well as effective support of management in current and strategic personnel management
  • the most current knowledge of HR management, social psychology, management and leadership
  • the possibility of international certification
  • engaging in a full of emotion and inspiration experience, that you will remember for a long time
  • great acquaintances and friends
  • certificate with the detailed description of aqcuired competences
  • interesting materials that you’ll come back to again and again

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