Certified trainings for business trainers

Excellent Business Trainer® Development Programs Series– designed for trainers and people involved in the development of employees and management of development processes in organizations. All programs for trainers are developed in a blended – learning formula and therefore optimized in terms of time commitment. Participants before participating in the workshops undergo an in-depth diagnosis of competences and needs. Following the participation in the program, every person can enroll for the international certification exam on a given level and confirm the obtained qualifications with international certification on Professional Trainer or Training Manager issued by the American Certification Institute.



It is intended for trainers, internal trainers, lecturers for example in the areas of health and safety, quality, environment and people involved in the development of employees. Professionals from various fields who want to be more effective and attractive in transferring their knowledge and skills will benefit greatly from participating in the program. The program includes three modules focused on providing knowledge and skills in the methodology of teaching adults (andragogy).

The trainer and his industry competences includes issues related to the effective implementation of the training cycle from the analysis of professional roles, through identification and analysis of training needs to the evaluation.

The trainer and his training environment includes such topics as effective conduct of the training process, including training design, selection of adequate training methods, training delivery, conscious stimulation and management of the group process.

The trainer as a change agent includes topics related to change management, stimulating teams to implement change, and leadership in a change situation.



It is intended for people involved in building and managing development projects as well as training and personnel development departments managers.

Building and multiplying human capital in the organization includes, among others, issues related to the measurement of human capital with the use of various qualitative and quantitative indicators.

The management of development projects includes topics such as competency and human capital management as part of development projects and effective use of development methods with individuals and groups.

Managing human resources development in the context of organization management includes topics related to the management of employees` development closely related to the development of the company, the impact of individuals` development on the operations of the organization and the increase in its competitiveness.


What are the benefits of participating in Excellent Business Trainer © programs

  • fast and effective development of the ability of conducting effective and attractive trainings and management of development projects
  • the most current and useful knowledge in the scope of conducting individual and group development programs
  • the possibility of international certification
  • engaging, full of  emotions and inspiration experience that you will remember for a long time
  • great  acquaintance and friends
  • certificate with the skills described in details
  • interesting materials that you’ll be coming back instantly


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