Certified trainings for business negotiatiors

The Excellence in Negotiations® development program – designed for negotiators and people engaged in business and commercial talks. The program is developed in the blended – learning formula and thanks to this it is optimized in terms of time commitment. Participants before attending the training  participate in the diagnosis of competences and needs. Each person may decide to enroll for the certification examination to crown the participation in the program with the  international certificate of the negotiator issued by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Institute.


The psychology of negotiations includes issues related to psychological laws of negotiation, exerting social influence during negotiations, self-analysis of the reactions to social phenomena and professional competence of the negotiator.

Carrying out negotiations include topics such as preparation for negotiations, negotiation process, strategy, scenario, style (3S negotiation), methods, techniques and tactics used in negotiation processes.

Global negotiations includes issues related to cultural conditions and differences in the negotiation processes and dependencies between the negotiator’s country of origin and the values ​​and styles of conducting negotiations.

 The etiquette in the negotiations overs issues related to diplomatic protocol, savoir vivre in negotiation talks and behavior in various business and negotiation situations.

What are the benefits of participating in Excellence in Negotiations © programs

  • quick and effective development of the ability to conduct difficult conversations defending your position
  • the most current knowledge of social psychology, negotiation and influence
  • the possibility of international certification
  • engaging in a full of emotion and inspiration experience, that you will remember for a long time
  • great acquaintances and friends
  • certificate with the detailed description of aqcuired competences
  • interesting materials that you’ll come back to again and again

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